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N1239 公開謝罪OL性処理奉仕種付カン【前編】


Office Worker Treats Sexual Desire =Part 1= Haruka Watabe is a nice lady who has got sexy body. She has to apology to the customer with offering her body for her company which is order from her boss. Many guys ride on and cum shoot to her as gang bang. Haruka working with bank as Investment business division. But she made a serious mistake and gave the customer a loss. Many customer comes up and needs apology and gave back money immediately. Customer cannot accepted any apology from the bank side. Boss said that she has to offering her body to the customer for apology.She has to sit on the table and take an open legs pose. Boss tear her panty hose and show her pussy to the customer. And he said that will offer her pussy to them for apology. Customer takes clothes off and come up her. They lick her nipples and body.Then next, she sit on the chair and takes an pose as open legs pose. Guys put lots of rotor onto her body and clitorises.One of guys insert vibrator to her pussy with hard stroking. And put rotor onto her clitorises at the same time. She has got splash.Customer are fuck and cum shoot to her pussy as after another.After that, the boss call her to his room and need more apology to him. But if she said sorry to him, he cannot hear her voice. So he put collar onto her neck and has to work as dog in the room. He training her to be nice slave. She has to blow his cock as deep throat.To be continue part two. n1239 Watabe Haruka Haruka Watabe New Original Movie Creampie Female Office Worker 中乳 Dカップ 普通 セミロング 普通 綺麗系 Tokyo Music Violin Football

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