GS-331 During The Holiday, When The Elevator Broke Down, I Was Trapped Inside With A Female S*****t In Uniform, Who Smelled Like Bittersweet Lust! Since It Was A Holiday, Nobody Was Coming To Rescue Us, And She Began To Get Scared. And Then The Air Got Thin, And We Started To Feel Woozy. But Then, She Started Asking Me Sexual Questions, Like How Many Times Have I Ever Fucked…!?

Original Title:

GS-331 休日エレベーターが故障して甘酸っぱい匂いの制服女子学生と密室に閉じ込められた!休みなので誰も助けに来ず不安がる女子。空気が薄くなったのか頭もクラクラ。そんな時、女子がおじさんはエッチ何回ぐらいしてますかとかエロイ話をしてくる!?…